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Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!-Dr. Seuss


One in five people are afflicted with dyslexia yet many go undiagnosed, or may not even know they have the condition. Dyslexics are often thought to have learning disabilities, or may be perceived as being intellectually challenged, unable to undertake every day activities like reading and writing that many of us take for granted. Yet research shows that dyslexia has nothing to do with a person’s intellect, and often dyslexics are extremely bright and gifted, simply in need of support and the proper learning tools to enable them to overcome their challenges.

So much of our daily lives depend on reading and writing, that while outward signs of dyslexia may not be dramatic, its impact on a person’s ability to cope with day-to-day necessities is profound.

If you or your child has dyslexia, help is available today. KC Dyslexic Learning Centre is committed to giving dyslexics and their families the tools and training they need to overcome the hurdles they face. Our tutors employ the renown and proven Orton-Gillingham based Barton Reading & Spelling System and our one-on-one sessions are provided in a caring and nurturing learning environment.


For the first time in Manitoba, dyslexics and their families will have a local resource with trained tutors and the right tools. We are proud to serve our community, and look forward to helping to improve the quality of life for people with dyslexia.


At KC Dyslexic Learning Centre we value above all a positive, can-do attitude, with the belief that with the proper tools, support and training, people with dyslexia can accomplish anything they desire.


It is important to us that our students are empowered, self-assured and confident in themselves and their abilities to overcome their challenges and achieve their ambitions and goals.


We are committed to providing a warm and inviting environment, with staff that are welcoming, approachable and friendly.


The Centre will be a place where people can come together and share vital information about where to go for testing, what interim accommodations are available in school classrooms for challenged readers, and how families can cope with dyslexia.


We will maintain an open-door policy for clients and families so we may talk about their experiences, and so we may provide them with support and information including stories of how other families have coped and overcame their situations.

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