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Dyslexia Awareness Committee Presents: What are IEP/AEP/ALP's?

Many Families are not sure if their child has one at school or needs one.

- What do they do ?

- Who are they for ?

- How do they Help?

An Evening of stories, Information, and inspiration for parents, teachers, support providers and people living with Dyslexia.

We will have a panel of guest to discuss.

Matilda Gibb - 30 years of education experience, classroom teacher, resource teacher and principle.

Cheryl Hoffmann - Founder of KC Dyslexia Learning Centre, Friends of Dyslexia Inc. & Decoding Dyslexia-MB

Wayne Williams - President of Friends of Dyslexia Inc.

Amber Bollenbach - Vice President of Friends of Dyslexia Inc., Parent that advocates for her son to receive Accommodations.

Kersten Cadotte - Certified Barton Tutor at the Advanced Level, a student that had an AEP from Gr. 6- Gr. 12

Marie Hopp - Certified Barton Tutor at the Masters Level.

Clea August - Certified Barton Tutor - Online moderator

We Thank Everyone for sharing their stories, thanks to our guest for answering some important and meaning full Questions.

Creating a community for our fellow Dyslexic's and Families who struggle, we honor those who show courage and inspire to create leaders who continuously share knowledge and stories to hopefully spread more awareness on important topics like these.

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