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Bright World of Dyslexia - Other Aspects of Dyslexia

Hi Guys Welcome to KC Café podcast

Our channel is about creating awareness about Dyslexia. Clea and I are Dyslexic and over the years we have been able to grow and educate and find a deeper understanding about Dyslexia to better understand ourselves. We have both come a long way with self discovery to help us. Our main goal is to create a Dyslexic Community in Winnipeg and around the world.

This Video is about other aspects of Dyslexia. Yes reading and spelling were quite difficult for us but with help of an intervention we both were able to come to a place in our lives where we are open to helping and educating others who don't understand what Dyslexia is or how it affects individuals. Someone out there could be watching this video and say, "Yeah, I'm Dyslexic and also do these same things and have similar experiences", which is a huge comfort to realize you're not alone. Clea and I laugh at our struggles because we have realized that even though we work very hard at something we still have times of failure but the key is to never give up and keep on going.

We both hope you enjoy our podcast. You can find our channel at Bright World of Dyslexia. Please Subscribe to our channel as we will be uploading a video once a month. You can also leave a comment, we would love to hear about your story.

Join our Dyslexic Community,


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