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Bright World of Dyslexia - Get to know Kersten and Clea

Hi Guys Welcome to KC Café

This video is about our journey, both Clea and I are senior tutors at KC Dyslexic Learning Centre. We are both in a place where we are comfortable with telling parts of our lives with you guys, our viewers.

Clea and I are both Dyslexic and struggled before our intervention with reading and spelling. On a scale I was measured as profound and Clea's was more on the moderate side, but both equally having troubles. In this video we express how this process affected our lives as well how we felt before and after our intervention.

One of the stigmas against dyslexic individuals is that they say you will never be able to close the reading and spelling gaps, and that we will always be heavily assisted with extra accommodation. Now we both know that this is not the case. When I was younger I always wished I could be able to do things on my own and be independent. Now knowing, "yes I can read and spell, I just needed to learn in a different way".

I found through this podcast that It got quite intense with the discussion. But I hope that you guys find it informational and if you're Dyslexic and wanting assistance or find direction in your journey, we offer services in Winnipeg, Manitoba as well tutoring online. So where ever you live you can get the support you need to become and strong reader and speller.

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